Over the past weekend I attended a two-day seminar with the amazing Robin Monro.  He is one of the leading experts in the U.K. on how to treat lower back pain (LBP) with yoga and has pioneered a new way to help  teachers along with their students to assess LBP via his website.  It was interesting to learn about how back pain is treated by the medical community and how  little research has been done to show how yoga can help.

We covered  the many different types of back pain, how to asses the differences through a variety of tests and how to teach specific poses to help strengthen and eventually heal some of these injuries.  Twelve hours over two days wasn’t enough, but it has definitely started me on an interesting path with further study to come.  If you have lower back problems and are interested in how yoga can help, please send me an email.   There is so much we can do to help and I’m excited to share my knowledge! Robin MonroI’m just hoping when and if I’m Robin’s age that I’ll still sitting on the floor showing poses and teaching cool stuff like him.  What an absolute inspiration!






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