Welcome to Yoga with Sig!


I qualified as a yoga instructor in December 2016 at the young age of 50 and have been teaching ever since. Getting started as a teacher has been fun, challenging and interesting all at the same time.  Classes are ashtanga based with good music and plenty of time to reflect and play.

It was a bit of a struggle to come up with a name after my original idea, The Stiff Yogini, didn’t fare so well when I tossed it out to friends and family. Bought the URL and everything, but apparently it brings up visions of DEATH! My hope was that it would encourage more people to try yoga since I am a stiff person myself. Stiffness wasn’t always the case, but I had breast cancer a few years back and the medication I take blocks all hormones and makes touching ones toes a challenge.   Sooooo, Yoga with Sig it is!  All shapes, sizes and various stages of flexibility are welcome!

I can’t promise that this blog will be only about yoga; there’s so much to explore and I have loads of ideas I’d like to bring  you.  I’m hoping to cover topics such as cooking, everyday life, how not to be neurotic in a neurotic world,  how to say “no” without ruffling too many feathers, kids, family, dogs, the kitchen sink and of course yoga.

Themes will  emerge as we go along, but one thing I can promise is humor, quite possibly the most important thing to remember as we try to navigate in this crazy world.   It’s a true necessity and helps us to stay positive and to continue forward.


Sig…aka The Stiff Yogini