running pic May 2020Thanks to the encouragement from my lovely daughter, I’ve started running again.  After breast cancer treatments and the ongoing medication I have to take, which causes painful joints, I decided to stop running. I was convinced it was no longer good for me. I had been an avid runner for over 25 years, but recently I convinced myself running would make my joints hurt. It turns out if I run and do yoga every day I feel really good.

My daughter is staying with us for the Covid 19 lock-down and she found a nifty little App to get us running. It’s called 5K Runner: Couch to 5K and is brilliantly designed to ease you back in. We completed our first (virtual) 5K race a few weeks ago and have graduated to the 10K App. All the stretching and strengthening one gets from yoga is the perfect compliment to the calorie burning and lower body toning achieved with running.  The best part of all is having a great running partner who I happen to love to pieces!



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