zoom yoga pic


Teaching Zoom Yoga can be an adventure, especially with pets in the house.  Today I was teaching a friend in London when she spotted my dog Ginger taking her place on the mat behind me.  I have a few clients who don’t have pets and enjoy not only the yoga, but also a little facetime with my two silly cockapoos!  Thank goodness for Zoom and the many other platforms out there that are keeping us all connected.

I feel so hopeful for our world. Let us come out of this quarantine with a new sense of renewal and respect for mother earth and all the magnificent creatures we share her with. I can definitely do with less and would like to give more. We have been in awe of the many acts of kindness, the dedicated teachers, healthcare professionals, grocery store clerks, bus drivers, city workers, delivery drivers and all  the essential businesses and workers who are keeping things going. Lets pay it forward and start a new trend. Live with less, love more, take better care of our planet and give more time to the things that matter.  I know we can do it!


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