It’s official! I now have a certificate from Cornell University in Plant Based Nutrition. I have been following the diet (officially called, whole food plant based diet – WFPBD) for the past few months and feel great. I have a lot more energy and feel lighter.  Also, at the risk of too much information, my digestive system is working like clockwork.

My next goal is to start a WFPBD and yoga/exercise program for women going through menopause. It can be a tricky time of life and my program aims to make it as painless as possible. I went through menopause early due to breast cancer treatment. As a result I have become slightly obsessed with figuring out how to reduce symptoms, such as weight gain, fatigue and hot flashes. Thanks to the WFPBD and yoga/exercise, I have never been better. By  using my own body to test different food combinations and exercise regimes I have been able to come up with the optimal plan. I really dislike the word “diet” as it seems to carry many negative connotations with it. I like to think of WFPBD as a lifestyle. I will offers all kinds of information, like recipes, exercise/yoga videos and useful tips, which make it a way of life instead of a short term fix.

I realize that everyone is different, but I believe diet and exercise are the common denominator for all. I have found a way to feel great and not put on a ton of extra weight. I am running a test pilot this fall and will launch the official program in the spring of 2019. Stick with me and we’ll get through this together!

WFPBD photo


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